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Free Gardenscapes Mod APK for Android & iOS

We know that you all love Gardenscapes but is it enough interesting for you to grind all day to get a few stars? Are you tired of ads in-game? So what to do in order to overcome this?

Download the full Gardenscapes Mod APK with unlimited stars on Android and iOS.

Gardenscapes full game app download

Enjoy the game with no ads and unlimited stars

With our site you can get unlimited stars for Gardenscapes since our android game is modded. You can also enjoy the game with no ads.

 It is not hidden that it is a very simple and straightforward game in which things that you need to do is take care of a long forgotten garden. And taking care of it means you have to perform a lot of measures that will result in its restoration to former green glory.

All these measures and some twists in the game which will unfold as you will progress in the game.

This game is something which has various mysteries which will unfold as you will progress in the game alongside you taking care of the garden in the journey of restoring the garden to its old self.

There are various tasks in the game that you need to complete and gems which you can use to purchase things that will eventually help you achieve your ultimate goal to make garden best one which was forgotten a long time ago.

Download & Install Gardenscapes Hack APK

In order to download Gardenscapes Hack Apk you must first install the game Gardenscapes from Play store on your android phone. After installing it and starting it once exit the game. Install the mod available at our website over your original game.

This article is all about various features of the game Gardenscapes that we provide. In the end you can find a link to download the Mod Apk that will give you access to all the functions available with our latest working version of Gardenscapes Mod Apk.

gardenscapes apk no ads and unlimited gems

Gardenscapes Gameplay

The Ultimate aim of the game is to restore a Garden whose green glory has been long forgotten in history. Your Work is to lead a journey in the game that will be filled with various tasks and mysteries which you need to complete in order to fulfil the ultimate goal as explained above.

The very cute in-game characters like Austin, the butler and the cute little dog will help you on your adventure in the Gardenscapes game. Play the game, unveil the mystery, live the adventure, make purchases and unfold what this game has in store for you. Take out all your gardening tools in the game and make yourself ready to do some gardening to bring out the mystery that is hidden in the garden.

Game Features

First feature is that this game is very addictive with gameplay that lets you swap and match. An adventurous journey where you can restore and decorate the garden which is considered a legendary garden in the past.

Cute in-game characters to chat with anytime that you want. These friends are named Austin, the butler and a very cute puppy who is always with you whenever you are in game and can cheer you up any time.

Once you connect your Gardenscapes account to facebook, creating an online community is possible. Your facebook friends can be your neighbors in game and everyone knows games are best when played with friends. With friends even boring things will feel something good and your journey will be much better than it was before when you were playing single.

Another amazing advantage that this game has is once you have downloaded and installed Gardenscape you don’t need the internet to play the game. What does that mean? That means you can enjoy this game anywhere while traveling, while away from the internet. Doesn’t this make the game more fun when you can enjoy it anywhere.

Gardenscapes has an internal social network in order to keep track of everything that any gamer in the game is doing. At present, in Gardenscapes game there are hundreds of unique match -3- levels because of which games are now more interesting and engaging with players.

We know that you are here to find out information about the Gardenscapes MOD APK so this next section will be the one you will be most interest to read The next section will definitely make you fall in love with Gardenscapes as it shall talk about the extra benefits which you shall get by downloading Gardenscapes Mod Apk.

How does the modded APK version of Gardenscapes work?

The Gardenscapes mod is easy to download and install similar to how you install a game from play store. But this time you don’t need to download it from play store but from AppValley.

Once you install Gardenscapes mod apk it gives you various added advantages other than what normal users have such as unlimited coins and stars that can be used to make infinite purchases without worrying about the price tags on different in game items in store.

How cool is that when you can buy anything from the in game store without worrying about the price tag? After all it’s not a simple garden that you are restoring, it’s a garden from legend that needs to be revived no matter what. For that you need to bring everything on the table, even if that includes downloading a Gardenscapes Mod apk on your android.

Requirements for downloading Gardenscapes Mod Apk:

  • Working android device with the android version of at least 4.0.
  • The download link to get access to the latest working version of Gardenscapes Mod Apk. (We’ve got it covered).

Steps to download and install Gardenscapes

Currently the Internet is very vast and there are various websites that offer mod apks which claim to have the working apks of the Gardenscapes Mod that provides unlimited coins and unlimited stars in game. But the majority of these websites don’t provide the working APK.

Once you visit these websites you face ads and spam once you click that download button for Gardenscapes Mod apk. The link that we are providing here on our website is tested and researched and will surely provide you with guaranteed access to the latest working version of Gardenscapes Mod Apk.

Follow these steps to download and install Gardenscapes Mod APK:

  1. Click on this link to download Gardenscapes Mod APK latest version.
  2. Once you download the APK, open your file explorer and install the APK.
  3. Click Yes and let it install over the current version of Gardenscapes game present in your phone.
  4. That’s all you need to do. Now Enjoy your game.

Now we know about the introduction of the game, its features and about our Gardenscapes Mod Apk lets learn more about the game with how the story of the game starts.

Beginning Story of Gardenscapes

The first task that you are presented with when you start Gardenscapes is to Help Austin clean his house.

In this game you live in a very large city where there are crowded streets and traffic which seems that it won’t ever disappear. Soon you start the game, there is a dream that you start taking which is to plant trees in a large space outside your narrow window. And suddenly one day you receive a letter from Mr. Austin, the housekeeper of your uncle’s family…

Your uncle Austic knows about your interest in starting a garden. Mr Austic lives abroad away from his home for a long time. He has a home in the countryside with a vast garden that has long been unoccupied. As he knew that you love gardening he immediately asked his housekeeper Austin to send you an invitation to take care of his garden.

You accept it but the problem is he has been away from his home for a long time that means there was no one to take care of this garden which ultimately means that it should be ruined and now you have to do everything from scratch again. But do not worry, Mr. Austin will help you.

What makes Gardenscapes so good?

In mobile gaming Match-3 is a very popular game play and if you haven’t heard of it that means you are not playing a lot of mobile games from the past few years. This is by far the most popular format for android games in the history of android games, all thanks to hit titles such as Candy Crush, and now Homescapes.

The aim of this game is simple: you have to match 3 or more tiles of the same types. There are thousands of levels in Gardenscapes and similar to Homescapes where you unlock different power-ups by busting tiles of up to 6 different pieces and earn upgrades including bombs, butterflies, and rainbow power-ups that delete every block of the same type on the board.

ardenscapes is easy in the beginning similar to many match 3 games but it gets hard as you level up.

Cute graphics

Cute and amazing graphics is another thing that is always the strong point of the Playrix Game. In Gardenscapes you can enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler, and a funny dog.

Playrix Games focuses on its major design rules that is to make things so cute and true, and Gardenscapes is no exception. This game is no exception from its design rule and they made the game in 3D Platform which provides high realism in each image. And games are made in such a way that everything will look cute and bright, suitable for relaxation.

The perfection you can measure from this point is that they even focused on small butterflies that hover around the flowers or the little dog’s playing and doing weird things in the garden.

A long game

Similar to various other games that are based on match-3 format, Gardenscapes too is a very long game with more than 200 challenging scenes. Plus game developers are continuously updating it and adding new game modes in order to ensure that Gardenscapes is always fresh and durable.

There are various things that need to be discussed about this game but the most important thing that needs to be discussed is the most expensive item in the game which is a set of 3 shovels that cost 1,900 coins, whereas, for 5 extra moves, you lose 900 coins.

Why is that thing needs to be discussed because you only earn 50 to 70 cents for each level. If you calculate then you will have to pass 12 new levels of play to get 5 extra moves at the end of a level. So what to do? Just download Gardenscapes MOD APK and enjoy unlimited coins and unlimited stars.

Addictive Progression

This game works like every other game the story line progresses as you beat various Match-3 levels. Completing different missions means you get to work on your garden according to the story line.

First you’ll clear weeds, clean up the fountain, and get rid of garden junk. Then after that you can include various things such as flower beds, maybe a bench or two, and lots of other great features that are available to be placed in your garden.

Also there is a life limit which you need to keep in mind – In case you are unable to beat enough levels in a row you have to wait for your lives to regenerate or there is another way you can get lives i.e. purchase them from the in micro transaction shop.

Ad-Free, No Need to Spend Money

Currently in the mobile gaming world there are a very few games that present you an ad free environment and Playrix is a fairly reputable mobile games company to provide you one such. In Gardenscapes there are no intrusive ads that pop up while you’re trying to play, and you can even progress in missions while playing offline.

However there is a time-designated life/hearts system, you don’t necessarily need to spend money to get life in game, you can just wait for some time. The fun in playing Gardenscapes is playing it after the difficult levels at 500+ where you need to be patient and strategic while playing it – It is almost similar to chess against the computer.

It is said that if you can master the game of Gardenscapes there is no need to spend coins but in case you need to spend some coins you can download Gardenscapes apk.