About Us

We are a couple of long time friends who wanted to set up a website where we can share our favorite Android and IOS games. A little bit about us here at AppValley, this website was created by 2 high school friends who have been gaming together for over 15 years. Our time in life has shown us gaming through computers, consoles, and eventually our phones.

As life pushed us in separate directions, we were able to sustain our friendship through games like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Even to this day it is common for one of us to spend our free time trying to play the newest game, or beat each other’s high-scores in the classics.

Sometimes we’ll laugh and wonder if we’d still be in touch without our common hobby of gaming which helps fortify our friendship.

Who We Are

Clifford Munoz at AppValley

Clifford Munoz

Clifford Munoz at AppValley

Doyle Cohen at AppValley

Doyle Cohen

Doyle Cohen at AppValley

Our Goals

Now that you know a bit about us and our personal history, we want to share a bit about the goal we have for AppValley. Everyone knows that games are much more fun when you are playing with friends. Gaming is a great way for people to stay in contact in situations it would otherwise be difficult.

One of the drawbacks we have found in our time of gaming is the cost of new games. Nowadays, games have a purchase fee, and then in app purchases, and then there’s a sequel, and whatever other sales these gaming companies throw at you.

Frankly it just sucks. Anecdotally, we’ve seen countless friends be driven away from gaming due to the sheer price of purchasing them. Some games retail at $69.99 now, plus a subscription fee, DLC, and in-game purchases. It’s just unbelievable what gaming companies are charging now!

Our Aspirations

That’s where our idea of AppValley comes in. The main focus on AppValley is providing a plethora of free games and apps to our readers that would normally cost a pretty penny. No longer will you be unable to play games with friends because you can’t afford them. With our help we are knocking down the barrier of entry to some of these big name games and allowing people with a love for gaming to try them all out.

We are always on the hunt for the newest games and apps to share with our community. Our goal has always been to be the website for all things that you would find on the Apple Apps Store or in the Google Play store.

We hope that by providing a bunch of Android and IOS games to our community, that we are able to foster the next wave of gamers. We would love to hear more about your stories or become a part of your gaming communities too.

The best way to get to know us even better is by following us on social media and sending us your stories, high scores, game requests, and anything else related to gaming. We love to make new friends and we hope by sharing more about us that we can earn your trust.